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The state of stromectol against the background of hypoglycemia is divided into precoma and actually coma. Precoma unfolds over 20-30 minutes. Its main manifestations are considered to be an inexplicable feeling of hunger, cold sweating, weakness, dizziness, excitability, followed by apathy. In the absence of specialized assistance, a coma develops - consciousness is absent, the skin remains wet, turns pale and cold, breathing becomes shallow, its frequency decreases. At night, these stages are less distinct.

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Taking stromectol pills the stages of inhibition of metabolism in brain tissues, 5 stages of coma are distinguished, differing in their clinical manifestations. At the first stage (cortical) there is an inexplicable irritability, headache, hunger. The heart rate is fast, the skin is moist. Symptoms are mild, not always interpreted as a deterioration in well-being. The second stage (subcortical-diencephalic) is characterized by the formation of vegetative reactions and behavioral changes. There is increased sweating for no apparent reason, increased salivation, the appearance of fine trembling in the hands, doubling of objects. The behavior is excited, hyperactive, the mood is upbeat, sometimes with elements of aggression.

Sleep is superficial, disturbing, nightmares often occur. Patients scream and cry in their sleep, after waking they feel confused, they feel lethargic and sleepy all day. When glucose enters the body, their condition returns to normal. At the third stage, the midbrain is involved in the pathological process. Muscle tone rises sharply, tonic-clonic convulsions occur as in epilepsy. The skin remains moist, the heart rate exceeds 100 beats per minute. In case of violation of metabolic processes in the upper parts of the medulla oblongata, a coma itself develops. The patient loses consciousness, reflexes are pathologically increased, heartbeat and pulse remain rapid, breathing is preserved. In the deep coma stage, the entire medulla oblongata is involved in metabolic disturbances. Skin is wetpale, cold. Sweating stops, reflexes completely fade away, heart and respiratory rhythm slows down, blood pressure decreases.

Frequent attacks of hypoglycemia contribute to the formation of irreversible changes in the brain. Children are characterized by complications in the form of a decrease in cognitive processes. new knowledge is assimilated worse, the solution of abstract-logical problems, the processes of orientation and adaptation in new conditions become more difficult. In adults, personality changes are formed according to buy Stromectol online type with a predominance of emotional instability, irascibility. In old age and with cardiovascular pathologies, there is a risk of developing a stroke, myocardial infarction. In the absence of emergency help, hypoglycemic coma can lead to death.

Examination of patients is performed by an endocrinologist or therapist. The key criterion for diagnosis is the combination of symptoms characteristic of hypoglycemic coma with an objectively determined low glucose level (according to blood tests). This allows us to differentiate this type of coma from diabetic coma - ketoacidotic, lactacidemic and hyperosmolar. The complete diagnostic complex includes. Survey. In a conversation with the patient or his relatives, when studying medical records, the presence of diabetes mellitus, its type, nature of the course are clarified, the conditions that contributed to the development of coma are clarified.

Typical complaints are a sudden feeling of hunger, agitation, dizziness, increased sweating, headaches, tremors. Inspection. Profuse sweat, pallor and cooling of the skin are revealed. Depending on the stage of the coma, an increase or decrease in heart rate and pulse, an increase or decrease in blood pressure, an increase or decrease in reflexes are recorded. Analysis for glucose (blood). In people with an initially normal sugar concentration, the first symptoms of hypoglycemia are found at rates of 2.77-3.33 mmol / l, a detailed clinical picture - at 1.66-2.76 mmol / l. For a coma, values \u200b\u200bare less than 1.65 mmol / l are characteristic. In case of diabetes decompensation, the interpretation of indicators is carried out individually.

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The coma develops rapidly, so the activities are carried out by the patient himself, his family members, emergency medical service specialists, intensive care and resuscitation department staff. The main objectives of treatment are to restore the normal (usual) amount of Stromectol, vital processes and the ability of cells to absorb glucose. The therapy is carried out on three levels.

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Prehospital care. At the precoma stage, sometimes it is enough to make up for the lack of glucose by eating sweet foods. If the patient is able to eat, he is offered products containing light carbohydrates - sweets, bars and other sweets. If only the swallowing reflex remains intact, tea with sugar or fruit juice that does not contain pulp is given with a teaspoon. In a coma, a sugar solution is dripped under the tongue. Emergency medical assistance.